Savings Message

In today’s marketplace, companies are looking to streamline operations and increase their bottom line. Management knows that indirect spend categories are important and can save the company money but can’t always dedicate resources to focus on these initiatives.


Star Business Partners understands this need and is building a portfolio of vendors to help you lower operating costs in these indirect spend categories. By negotiating contracts with national vendors in the categories that benefit your operations, we can offer you numerous savings opportunities. The program is free and simple. Becoming a member is effortless and once you are a member and are participating in the savings opportunities, we will continue communications so you are up to date on all of the exciting prospects we have in store.


If you are interested in saving an average of 20% on your indirect spend, give Star Business Partners a call. We will help you lower your operational costs and increase your profitability, all at no cost to you.


Craig Goldstein, Vice President